Academic Pro Tutoring aims to provide the best for all of its students. 
Please read the following terms and conditions carefully.
Your Application for Tuition will acknowledge your agreement with the terms and conditions stated below.

Type of lesson

Mathematics and English  (Students automatically get registered for both Mathematics and English )
Choice of one subject only is not permitted


01. There will be a one time Administration fee of $150 per student which includes:
     1.1) A Tuition Bag
     1.2) Books for the required Levels
     1.3) Communication Book (for Parents & Tutor to communicate)
02. Cost for tuition is
       GRADE 1 – GRADE 3      –      $20.00 per Hour 
       GRADE 4 – GRADE 6      –      $25.00 per Hour 
       GRADE 7 – GRADE 8      –      $30.00 per Hour
03. Fees are payable to the tutor at the Beginning of each Term
04. Fees not paid within 2 weeks of the start of the term will incur a $10 late fee for every week delayed.


1. Punctuality is vital to make the best use of lesson time. 
2. Students are expected to attend all lessons
3. Only 5 Absent days in a year will be free from cost. This includes school camp,
4. Personal holidays and being sick.


  1. Parents to please ensure that children bring along :
1) Pencil Case – with pencils, pens and erasers
2) Two A4 Exercise Books (1 for Maths & 1 for English)
3) One Plastic Folder (For Worksheets)

Policy Re Missed Lessons

 If an individual lesson is to be missed due to excursions, exams or family reasons, the tutor should be notified at least 24 hours in advance in order for the lesson to be rescheduled. Failure to do so will result in the lesson being forfeited.
Please note: Missing lessons for Birthday parties will not be accepted as a valid reason for credit back.
1. If a student is ill on their lesson day, parents are requested to notify the tutor as soon as possible
2. Lessons missed through the absence of the tutor will be made up or will be credited to your account
3. Lessons missed through forgetfulness will NOT be forfeited.

Withdrawal from lessons

The tutor must be notified no later than two full week before the end of the current month if the student will not continue lessons in the following month.

Parental commitment

1. Show an interest in your child’s performance skills
2. Help your child with practice as much as possible
3. Teach your child to be on time for lessons
4. Encourage your child to perform with his/her best effort
5. Check through your child’s Homework
6. Praise your child at every opportunity

Student commitment

1. Be punctual and attend all lessons
2. Practise regularly
3. Complete all Homework

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